Maintenance of Dacromet coating processing

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After running 1000 hours, the main motor of the coating machine should add 32 lubricating oil to the reduction gear box, and replace the lubricating oil 32 times every 3000 hours.

Two) the bearing oil hole is usually a week to add a lubricating oil, the use of grease lubrication, check the run once a month whether you need to add oil, remove rollers should also check the bearing lubrication condition, filling a chain wheel and a chain of the rotating parts run every 100 hours, a small amount of supplement should not be too much, otherwise easy to operate because of pollution of excess oil droplets splash paint.

Three) coating machine every 600 hours after operation, must be on the roller bearing inspection, cleaning oil, replenish calcium base grease, the tensioner pulley bearing, bridge inspection every 500 hours cleaning time, and add lubricating oil (grease).

Four) to clean the oven inside, running 500 hours a postprocessing, cleaning residue, dirt, check whether the normal heating tube heating, clean dirt fan impeller, suction dust and slag after cleaning oven with a vacuum cleaner, then the compressed air blowing adsorption residue.

Five) in order to ensure that the inside of the bake Road cleaning, cleaning up the waste aluminum plate must be used for three to four times, in order to bake the road inside the dirt with a bake Road, in order to avoid the normal production of product contamination.