Dakeluo equipment introduces the different types of cleaning machine

發布日期:2016-9-23 瀏覽次數: 852次

The cleaning agent is mainly used to improve the cleanliness, avoid or reduce the malfunction caused by pollution. There are many kinds of cleaning machines, and the following is the introduction of several different types of cleaning machines.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cavitation is a use of this technology, through the principle of ultrasonic transducer launch, thoroughly clean the dirt attached to the article, grease, dirt and sediment, cleaning effect is obvious and is washing, cleaning and sterilization for ultrasonic cleaning a body.

Hydraulic cleaning machine for washing pollutants through hydraulic system in manufacturing, assembly, use and maintenance production or regular maintenance; filtering can also apply to the working fluid, improve cleanliness, avoid or reduce the fault caused by pollution, so as to ensure the high performance and high reliability of the hydraulic system of equipment and long life.

Spray cleaning machine: it is a kind of industrial cleaning equipment which uses the water pressure to wash the surface of the object. It will be the workpiece surface dirt stripping, washed away, to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the object. The machine has the advantages of multi station, full function, reasonable structure, convenient operation, good cleaning effect, for cleaning the mass of the workpiece, improve the working environment, improve the quality of cleaning and drying, is of great significance.