Establishment of long term mechanism of service enterprises in Qihe

發布日期:2016-9-23 瀏覽次數: 987次

This year, Qihe county quality and technical supervision to service enterprises, improve enterprise efficiency as a top priority, and actively implement the system of cadres and service enterprises, this approach has achieved remarkable results.

The Bureau of the county's 32 enterprises as the point of contact assistance, global Deputy middle cadres above each contact at least two companies as the service object, and provides contact at least a month to contact enterprises visited once, to the enterprise to promote the quality of technical regulations at the same time, helping enterprises to coordinate some problems to solve in the production process, to provide technical service quality, safety supervision and other aspects of measurement, standard and special equipment, the establishment of modern enterprise system and guiding measurement of advanced technical standards, the implementation of scientific management mode, continuously enhance the economic efficiency of enterprises.